Some Day I Know The Mist That Life Is Ve

Some day, I know, the mist that life is veiling
Shall roll away and darkness disappear
Before the day with radiance never failing,
On which my path shall lie before me clear.

Some day, I know, all mysteries perplexing,
Which here I never quite could understand,
With all my problems yet unsolved and vexing,
Shall be revealed, and I shall see God’s hand.

Some day, I know, all sorrow shall have vanished,
All wounds be healed and ev’ry want supplied.
All tears shall cease, all sighs for aye be banished;
In love’s embrace all unrest shall subside.

Some day, I know, I shall appear before Him
Whom here I hold in love’s and faith’s embrace,
Shall humbly kneel and gratefully adore Him
And with mine eyes behold Him face to face.

Some day, I know, for sin no longer slaving,
Each tho’t and word and deed unstained and pure,
I shall not fear that e’en one sinful craving
My purity and bliss might then obscure.

Some day, I know, in yonder realms of glory,
I and the friend I found while on the way
Shall speak of that new life and tell the story
Of this old life, dimmed like a dream by day.

My Savior, give my heart this sweet conviction
Each time the way seems long and full of pain,
That it may lighten every deep affliction
And cause a smile to shine through tears again.