Some Day The Clouds Of Earthly Life Will

Some day the clouds of earthly life will pass,
Then in the light of God we all shall stand,
To see our Lord no more “as in a glass,”
In His own sinless, holy, tearless land.

We shall see His face; O what glory!
O what glory! O what glory!
We shall see His face; O what glory!
To see Him face to face.

The veil of flesh removed, the, “face to face”
To see as we are seen, to know as known.
The vict’ry won, our victory through grace,
Triumphant, all, to stand before His throne. [Refrain]

The rapture of beholding Him, our Lord,
All loss of earth will full repay, all pain;
To “see Him as He is,” our King, adored:
With Him as “kings and priests” to ever reign. [Refrain]

Yes, “face to face:’ no cloud, no mist between,
We shall, ere long, our Saviour see and praise.
Most blessed joy when Love Divine is seen:
With love to dwell, through glory’s endless days. [Refrain]

In fellowship most sweet with Christ to dwell,
No more we ask, no more can heaven give.
His depthless love to know, to hear, to tell:
When “face to face” with Him, our God, we live. [Refrain]