Some Day Twill All Be Over

Some day ’twill all be over–
The toil and cares of life;
Some day the world be vanquish’d
With all this mortal strife;
Some day, the journey ended,
I’ll lay my burden down;
Some day, in realms supernal
Receive, at last, my crown.

Some day, some happy day,
The Lord will wipe all tears away,
And I shall go to dwell with him,
To dwell with Him some happy day.

Some day I’ll see the mansions
Of heaven’s city fair;
Some day I’ll greet with pleasure,
The dear ones waiting there;
Some day I’ll hear the voices
Of God’s angelic throne;
Some day I’ll join the chorus
In heav’n’s immortal song. [Chorus]

Some day I’ll see the Savior,
And know Him, face to face;
Some day receive, unmeasured
The blessings of His grace;
Some day He’ll smile upon me
from that great white throne above;
Some day I’ll know the fullness
Of His undying love. [Chorus]