Some Day When Time Shall Have Written

Some day when time shall have written
Its story, and mercy is past;
The multitude millions shall gather
To judgment, an army so vast.
From all of the ends of creation,
From graveyard, from ocean, from land,
Each race, every tongue, tribe and nation
Before the white throne then must stand.

You will be there, I will be there;
Shall our hearts tremble with fear or despair?
When the great Judge our names will call
On that great and dreadful day.

Those who rejected the Savior
And spurned all His infinite grace,
Who often had been freely offered
His pardoning kiss and embrace,
And those who neglected to seek Him-
“Some other time,” this was their plea-
Shall hear, “Depart, I never knew you”;
How sad will their destiny be! [Refrain]

Those who would trust in their goodness,
Denying the need of the cross,
Will find their self righteousness vanish,
Their garments but rags and but dross.
And those who by some means or other
Would enter, but not thro’ the blood,
For ever away shall be banished
To darkness of night without God. [Refrain]

But those who trusted the Savior,
Repented and turned from their sin,
Shall hear the glad message of welcome:
“Well done, to My joy enter in.”
Their sins from the book have been blotted,
Their record is whiter than snow,
Throughout all the unending ages
The joy of their Lord they shall know. [Refrain]