Some Folks Wonder Why They Never Shout

Some folks wonder, why they never shout,
‘Tis because they grumble, scold and doubt;
Wonder, wonder, they ever wonder
Why they never shout.

March on, we have won the day,
March on, in Canaan land to stay;
Won it, won it, of course we’ve won it,
We have won the day.

Some folks wonder, why we shout so loud,
‘Tis because we live above the cloud;
Wonder, wonder, oh, yes they wonder
Why we shout so loud. [Refrain]

Some folks wonder, why we march around,
‘Tis because our Savior we have found;
Wonder, wonder, of course they wonder
Why we march around. [Refrain]

Some folks wonder, why we pray so much,
‘Tis because with God we are in touch;
Wonder, wonder, they always wonder
Why we pray so much. [Refrain]

Some folks wonder, Why we read God’s Word,
‘Tis because it’s honey ev’ry word;
Honey, honey, ’tis sweetest honey,
Honey ev’ry word. [Refrain]

Some folks wonder, why we’re looking up,
‘Tis because of Christ, our blessed hope,
Coming, coming, of course He’s coming,
Coming soon again. [Refrain]