Some Golden Morn When This Short Life Is

Some golden morn, when this short life is ended,
Immortal dawn above the hills will break;
The dreary shadows will depart forever,
When in that smiling homeland I’ll awake.

Some golden morn, some golden morn,
In that fair country where the night is past,
I shall behold my wonderful Redeemer,
And dwell with Him some golden morn.

Some golden morn the misty veil shall vanish,
And things that seemed obscure will be made plain;
And I shall find that many of my losses
Have turn’d to be to my eternal gain. [Refrain]

Some golden morn, in realms of fadeless splendor,
Mine eyes shall see as they have never seen,
The wisdom of the hand that led me onward,
And why the clouds should come the sun between. [Refrain]

Some golden morn, upon the fields of glory,
Beside the waters of the crystal sea;
I shall behold my wonderful Redeemer,
Who lived and died and gave Himself for me. [Refrain]