Some Other Day Some Other Time

Some other day, some other time,
I’ll give to God my heart.
Words such as these are often heard,
They soothe the conscience truth has stirred;
Another chance of life deferred,
They bid the Lord depart.

Today thy God is calling thee,
“My son, give Me thine heart.”
His grace alone can satisfy:
Choose now the better part.

Some other day, some other time,
I will a Christian be;
O yes, I know I should, but still
Just now I want my own sweet will,
Of worldly pleasures want my fill,
Not now to bend the knee. [Refrain]

Some other day, some other time,
For Heav’n I will prepare;
Aye, there, I surely mean to go,
I’ll not be lost, the way I know,
There’s always time while here below,
I’ll Heaven’s glories share. [Refrain]

Some other day, some other time?
Take warning from God’s Word.
There’s always danger in delay,
You’ve only promise of today,
Accept the Savior while you may,
And know your prayer is heard. [Refrain]