Some Other Day When Portals Wide

Some other day-when portals wide
Their mystic vales unfold,
‘Tis then I’ll stand by Jesus’ side,
And all His love behold.

‘Tis then I’ll understand the past,
‘Tis then I’ll see and know
Why pleasures come but do not last,
Why sorrows deeper grow.

Some other day, when all the years
That swiftly come and go,
I’ll know whence came these bitter tears,
Tears that forbidden flow. [Refrain]

Some other day I’ll know the pow’r
That dealt with me while here,
That sent me peace form Love’s own bow’r,
To take away my fear. [Refrain]

Some other day, so fair and bright,
Some day not far away,
Help me till then as in Thy sight,
To live for Thee each day. [Refrain]