Some Say It Is A Fable

Some say it is a fable and that Jesus never came,
And some, that for our Christian faith the dreamers are to blame;
But when God’s Spirit glorified the living Christ in me
the scales fell from my blinded eyes and now, praise God, I see!

He is so real to me, He is so real to me,
From sin’s sad bondage Jesus set me free;
His glorious presence thrills me,
His blessed Spirit fills me, Hallelujah!
He is so real to me!

The Bible, say the doubters, is a sheaf of fabled lore;
And Jesus, our bless’d Jesus, is a myth, and nothing more!
But where the Bible has been sent God’s blessings have been poured,
And joy abounds in ev’ry heart that makes this Jesus Lord. [Refrain]

Back to the life of sin and doubt, thro’ grace, I’ll never turn,
For Jesus is the living bread for which my soul did yearn;
Imparting peace and joy each day. He’s all in all to me.
How can I ever doubt Him more who saved and set me free! [Refrain]