Some Sweet Morn The Day Will Break

Some sweet morn the day will break,
Nevermore to sink in night.
Some sweet morn we shall awake,
Mid the everlasting light.

We are waiting for the turning of the morning
We are watching for the breaking of the dawn;
Morn of morns, oh, haste thy glad appearing!
Day of days, speed on, speed on, speed on!

Some sweet day the end shall come
To our parting and our pain,
Some sweet day we’ll all go home,
Nevermore to part again. [Refrain]

Some sweet hour our mortal frame
Shall His glorious image wear.
Some sweet hour our worthless name
All His majesty shall share. [Refrain

Some sweet day our tongue shall tell
All the story of His love.
Some sweet day our song shall swell
Loud and sweet as songs above. [Refrain]

Some sweet morn we’ll see His face,
And we shall be satisfied.
Some sweet day in His embrace
We shall evermore abide. [Refrain]]]