Somebodys Here With An Aching Heart

Somebody’s here with an aching heart,
No rest and no peace within;
Somebody’s here and the teardrops start
As God convicts of sin.

Jesus will give you rest,
Jesus will give you rest,
Turn from your sin,
Call now on Him,
For Jesus will give you rest.

Somebody’s here with a burden’d soul,
A heart that’s inclined to pray;
Seeking for cleansing, for peace and pow’r,
To you doth the Spirit say; [Refrain]

Somebody’s here whom the Lord doth seek,
My brother, that somebody’s you;
Come as you are, make no delay,
And prove ev’ry promise true. [Refrain]

Somebody else now would hear the news,
The glorious gospel sound,
Jesus has died all from sin to save,
Go tell it to all around. [Refrain]