Somebodys Mother Is Kneeling Tonight

Somebody’s mother is kneeling tonight,
Perhaps by the old trundle bed;
And earnestly pleading, “Remember, dear Lord,
My child who astray is led.”

Are you that wan’dring child?
How sad must be your plight,
Oh! hear her sweet voice pleading still;
She’s praying for you tonight.

Somebody’s mother is weeping tonight,
And yearns for her wandering boy;
The wrinkles are deep’ning upon her dear face,
Where once played the smiles of joy. [Chorus]

Somebody’s mother is pining away,
And sorrow is filling her face;
So far have you wandered, in sin gone astray,
No other can take her place. [Chorus]

Somebody’s mother is sleeping tonight,
At rest in the old churchyard gray;
But still at your portal her spirit awaits,
The child that is led astray. [Chorus]