Someone For Years At Your Heart Has Been

Some one for years at your heart has been knocking,
Knocking and pleading again and again;
Outside the door He’s been patiently standing
Will you permit him to plead thus in vain?

Almost decided, almost decided,
Life is uncertain, why will ye delay?
Almost decided, almost decided,
Oh why not fully decided to-day?

Glimpses of light on thy path has been shining,
Tokens of treasures of love yet in store,
All to be thine, freely thine, for the asking,
If unto him thou wilt open the door. [Refrain]

Haste, O make haste, for the night is approaching,
Soon will thy day of probation be o’er;
Haste for the Lord will not always stand pleading,
Haste, lest he leave to return nevermore. [Refrain]

Almost decided, why not altogether?
Almost decided is but to be lost;
Choose ye to-day and be wise in thy choosing,
Christ or the world, O consider the cost. [Refrain]