Sometime Somewhere Beyond Earths Fleetin

Sometime, somewhere, beyond earth’s fleeting shadows,
We’ll meet our blessed Saviour face to face;
Sometime, somewhere, we’ll join the throngs in glory,
And sing the song of wondrous love and grace.

Not now nor here, but after while,
The joys of heav’n with lov’d ones we shall share;
Then we shall meet, to part no more,
Sometime, somewhere, sometime, somewhere.

Sometime, somewhere, we’ll drink from heav’nly fountains,
Where pure, unfailing streams forever flow;
Sometime, somewhere, the Bread of Life we’ll gather,
The pangs of earthly hunger ne’er to know. [Refrain]

Sometime, somewhere, we’ll dwell in lands of sunshine,
Where bitter pain and parting are unknown;
Sometime, somewhere, we’ll dry those tears of sorrow,
The burdens gone, the hours of darkness flown. [Refrain]

Sometime, somewhere, we’ll wear a crown of glory,
And dwell in heav’nly mansions, fair and grand,
Sometime, somewhere, ‘midst glorious scenes we’ll wander,
The dark night pass’d, we’ve reach’ that happy land. [Refrain]