Sometime The Night Of Sorrow Will Be Oer

Sometime the night of sorrow will be o’er,
Sometime I’ll reach my home on yonder shore;
The hours are flying fast, the morn is nigh,
Oh, sweet will be the waking by and by.

Sometime, sometime,
All glory to the Lamb who died!
I’ll rise in his likeness, satisfied
Sometime, sometime.

Sometime I’ll find the dear ones early lost,
Whose missing forms so many tears have cost;
Sometime we’ll meet to never say good-by,
In that bright home where loved ones never die. [Refrain]

Sometime in all his beauty I shall see
The bless Lamb of God, who died for me;
Sometime I’ll make the courts of heaven ring,
While for his saving grace his praise I’ll sing. [Refrain]