Sometimes Our Hearts Are Burdened With G

Sometimes our hearts are burdened with grief,
Weary, and faint, and sad;
Where shall we go to find sweet relief?
Who then can make us glad?

Call upon the Lord,
Trust His sacred word,
Never was a friend so true,
He’ll dispel our fears,
He’ll dry all our tears,
If His works we do.

Sometimes the skies are dark overhead,
Silent is ev’ry song;
Who then shall bring us joys that have fled?
Who then can right the wrong? [Refrain]

Sometimes the road is rugged and steep,
Dangers before us lie;
Oh! for a friend to help and to keep,
One that is ever nigh. [Refrain]

Sometimes the friends we so dearly love,
Pass from our sight away;
Oh! how we long to meet them above,
Where shines eternal day. [Refrain]