Sometimes To My Heart Comes A Vision Of

Sometimes, to my heart comes a vision of joy,
When Jesus my Savior draws near; (draws near;)
He gives me the peace that no ill can destroy;
His voice I seem almost to hear.

I know I shall see Him on high,
(shall see Him on high,)
I know I shall see Him on high;
(shall see Him on high;)
When faith yields to sight in the land of delight,
I know I shall see Him on high.

How blest are the moments when faith can behold
The footsteps of Christ in the way! (the way!)
But O, we look forward to rapture untold,
Where shineth the shadowless day! [Chorus]

How sweet the communion we have with Him here;
Unseen, yet so precious is He; (is He;)
Some day, face to face, where there cometh no tear,
Our King in His beauty we’ll see. [Chorus]