Sometimes We Feel Downhearted

Sometimes we feel down-hearted
And ev’rything looks drear;
We see no joy before us,
And think no help is near;
Our friends have failed to comfort,
Tho’ they were good and true;
But prayer comes to our rescue
And always helps us thro’.

It never fails to help us,-
The prayer in Jesus’ name;
Because our Father’s promises
Are evermore the same.

The prayer may not be answered
As we had thought it would,
Because our heav’nly Father
Gives only what is good;
But still He hears the pleader,
And banishes our care,
And strengthens us with courage
When we seek Him in prayer. [Refrain]

It may be a companion
Has been called up above;
Or that some one has fallen,
Some brother whom we love;
It may be we are suff’ring
Upon a bed of pain;
No matter what the sorrow,
None ever prays in vain. [Refrain]