Somewhere Is Waiting A Blessed Work

Somewhere is waiting a blessed work
That only your hand can do;
Work that the Master in wisdom planned,
And placed in this world for you.

Search for it, find it! God’s holy work;
It never is far away;
Find it by doing with heart and soul
The duty that calls today.

Duty may bring you to heights of fame,
Or lead to some lowly vale;
Either will yield you a golden crown;
Then never despair nor fail. [Refrain]

Whether you toil in the busy world,
Or brighten some humble place,
Blessed the work of the Master will be,
And rich His abundant grace. [Refrain]

Somewhere is waiting-oh, slight it not-
The work that you best can do;
Seek thro’ the pathway of faith and prayer
The mission God meant for you. [Refrain]