Somewhere Theres A Soul That Is Lonely

Somewhere there’s a soul that is lonely,
And weary from struggling with sin;
Almost overcome by its burdens-
A soul that for Christ I may win.
With heart full of love I will seek it,
Nor ever a moment delay;
I may be in heaven tomorrow-
I’ll bring it to Jesus today.

Somewhere there’s a heart in the darkness,
Whose faith in the Christ is not strong;
And, deep in the gloom of life’s shadows,
It longs for the cheer of a song.
I’ll sing for the glory of Jesus,
A song that will brighten the way;
I may be in heaven tomorrow-
I’ll sing it for Jesus today.

Dear Master, Thou callest for service,
Then show me the work I should do;
Since courage and strength Thou wilt give me,
I’ll work with a confidence true.
Too late, if I tarry a moment,
O help me at once to obey!
I may be in heaven tomorrow-
So gladly I’ll serve Thee today.