Somewhere Tonight In This Cold Dreary Wo

Somewhere tonight in this cold, dreary world,
Wanders a boy that I cherish so,
Treading the dark and the unbidden road,
Leading to misery, pain and woe;
Gentle and true, not a sin to blight,
When but a babe he was my delight,
Pure as the snow and as spotless white,
Yet, oh, my God, he’s a drunkard tonight!

Pity the boy! Pity the boy!
Angels might weep at beholding the sight;
Oh! how I lov’d him, the child of my heart,
Yet, oh, my God, he’s a drunkard tonight!

When but a babe in my arms he did lie,
Tenderly watching his slumbers o’er,
Oh, how my heart with emotions would fill,
Dreaming sweet dreams that may come no more,
Still in the hall I can hear his feet,
Softly his voice comes in accents sweet,
As he, of old, would his pray’r repeat,
Oh, can it be, he’s a drunkard tonight? [Refrain]

Father, give ear to a poor mother’s pray’r!
O! save my boy, in thy mercy, save!
Show him the terror, the woe and despair,
Show him the curse of a drunkard’s grave,
Give back my boy as he used to be,-
Take all the world, it is vain to me,
Give back the child to his mother’s knee,
That none can say, “he’s a drunkard tonight!” [Refrain]