Stand Fast My Soul Stand Fast

Stand fast, my soul, stand fast
In Christ, thy Saviour!
Lose not the war at last
By faint behaviour.
It is of no avail
That thou hast known Him
If when thy foes assail,
Thou shalt His banner fail,
And thus disown Him.

To brandish high thy sword,
With calm assurance,
And face the devil’s horde
With brave endurance,
Is meet and well begun,
And merits praising.
But from the strife to run,
When blows thy courage stun,
Is most disgracing.

Let Satan rave and rage
By hosts attended,
The war for Christ I wage
Until it’s ended.
When leaning on His arm
With firm reliance,
I need not take alarm,
To me can come no harm
From Hell’s defiance.

When Jesus’ love I see,
It me constraineth,
So that from carnal glee
My soul abstaineth.
When heaven to me is dear,
Its joys attractive,
Of hell I have no fear,
For Christ, my Lord, is near,
In battle active.

In just a little while
The strife is ended,
And I from Satan’s guile
For aye defended.
Then I, where all is well,
In heaven’s glory,
Among the saints shall dwell,
And with rejoicing tell
Salvation’s story.