Teach Us O Lord True Brotherhood

Teach us, O Lord, true brotherhood
In daily thought and deed,
That we may tread with humble heart
The path where Thou dost lead.

Help us to spurn a life of ease,
While brothers labour long
In mill and mart to give us bread,
And labour without song.

Cast from our hearts, O Lord of life,
Our selfishness and pride,
Help us to choose the toiler’s part,
And suffer by his side.

Give us the courage, Lord, to fight
With Thee all greed of gold,
To fight until Thy kingdom’s won,
Thy kingdom long foretold.

Love then shall reign supreme o’er all,
O’er heart and mind and hand,
Eternal love and brotherhood
In all this storm-tossed land.

With vision clear and steadfast heart
So let us follow Thee,
E’en though it be that weary road
Which leads to Calvary!