Tell Everything To Jesus

Tell ev’rything to Jesus,
Talk to Him ev’ry day;
He’ll help you see more clearly,
He’ll drive your doubts away.
Lay all your cherished hopes before Him,
And take Him at His word;
For perfect is He in wisdom,
Judgment He will afford.

Tell ev’rything to Jesus,
Prove Him a Friend in need;
Confide in the blessed Savior,
He is a Friend indeed.

Tell ev’rything to Jesus,
On Him for help rely;
He’ll give your hopes fruition,
And ev’ry need supply.
In times of bitter grief or sorrow,
Trial, or loss, or pain,
He’ll whisper you words of comfort,
Thy broken heart sustain. [Refrain]

Tell ev’rything to Jesus,
Freely in Him confide;
All that to you is needful,
Surely He will provide.
For did He not, on Calv’ry’s mountain,
Suffer and die for you?
Then honor, believe, and trust Him,
In ev’rything you do. [Refrain]