Tell It To Others The Story Of Jesus

Tell it to others, the story of Jesus,
Your wonderful Savior confess;
So gracious and faithful, so kind and forgiving,
So ready to save and to bless.

Tell it, oh, tell it, the “good news” from heaven;
A message so precious, so true;
In mansions of glory we’ll sing the same story,
In rapturous strains, ever new.

Tell it to others, there’s power in confession;
The soul gathers strength with the word;
The story grows sweeter; there’s joy in the telling,
For Christ hath the witnessing heard. [Refrain]

Tell it to others; he died to redeem you,
He makes intercession above;
Oh, tell of his mercy; his grace, all sufficient;
The height and the depth of his love. [Refrain]

Tell it to others, so simply and humbly;
Oh, tell it with love in your heart;
Then trustfully pray for the help of his Spirit,
And God will his blessing impart. [Refrain]