Tell Jesus Tell Him Everything

Tell Jesus, tell Him ev’rything;
About yourself tell all;
Fear not to tell your joys and cares,
The great ones and the small.

Tell Jesus, tell Jesus
Whatever may befall;
No other friend so loves you;
Tell Jesus, tell Him all.

Tell Jesus, tell Him ev’rything;
The past and present, too;
He sends new strength for ev’ry need,
And He will comfort you. [Refrain]

Tell Jesus, tell Him ev’rything;
He listens to a sigh;
He knows each wish, He sees each tear,
For He is always nigh. [Refrain]

Tell Jesus, tell Him ev’rything
About your sinfulness,
And plead with Him for measures large
Of grace and holiness. [Refrain]

Tell Jesus ev’ry new desire
To be more pure in heart,
And He a deeper work of grace
Will, in His love, impart. [Refrain]

Tell Jesus when your faith is weak,
And when your hopes grow dim,
And when assailed with fear and doubt,
O tell it all to Him! [Refrain]

Soul, when your love seems faint and cold,
And Christ seems far away,
Tell Jesus to reveal Himself,
For He is near alway. [Refrain]

Soul, when you stumble in the way,
Or through temptation fall,
To Jesus come in loving faith,
And He will pardon all. [Refrain]

When for communion with the Lord
And for more love you sigh,
Tell Jesus, and your longings deep
His grace will satisfy. [Refrain]

Tell Jesus, tell Him all your needs,
With every morning new;
No other friend loves you so well,
Or is so good to you. [Refrain]