Tell Me About The Master

Tell me about the Master!
I am weary and worn tonight,
The day lies behind me in shadow
And only the evening is light!
Light with a radiant glory
That lingers about the West.
My poor heart is aweary, aweary,
And longs like a child for rest.

Tell me about the Master!
Of the wrongs he for us forgive;
Of love and of tender compassion,
Of love, that was mighty to save;
Sad, is my heart, and so weary,
Of woes and the trials of life,
Of the wrongs that are stalking in noonday,
Of falsehood, and sin, and strife.

Yet what I know of sorrow
And temptations that oft befall,
The infinite Master had suffer’d,
And knoweth and pitieth all,
Tell me the sweetest old story,
That falls on each wound like balm,
And my heart that was bruised and broken
Shall grow well, and strong, and calm.