Tell Me Again Of That Beautiful Home

Tell me again of that beautiful home
Jesus has gone to prepare,
That we in sorrow no longer may roam
In that blest city up there.

Wonderful story! Wonderful story!
Jesus is coming, coming in glory,
Coming to gather His jewels, His own,
Take them in joy to His beautiful home.

Tell me again that no sickness e’er comes
Into that home of the blest,
That He is coming to gather His own,
Take them at last to His rest. [Refrain]

Tell me again that His love is the light,
Darkness will never come there;
Day everlasting shall banish the night,
Pleasures shall banish all care. [Refrain]

Tell me again that He rose from the dead,
Went to His Father on high,
That He is coming to take us there, too,
In that sweet, sweet By and By. [Refrain]