Tell Me Not Of Earthly Pleasures That Ma

Tell me not of earthly pleasures,
That may leave me in a day,
Like a shadow they are fleeting,
Like a dream they pass away.

Tell of Him who came to save me,
Him who suffered, bled, and died;
With the love of Jesus only,
Can my soul be satisfied.

Tell me not of earthly grandeur,
What to me its gilded show?
Dearer far the priceless treasure
Jesus purchased long ago. [Refrain]

Tell me not of earthly glory,
In the cross my boast shall be,
Where the Son of God extended,
Thro’ the eye of faith I see. [Refrain]

Tell me more of life eternal,
Of my Savior tell me more;
Oh, the simple, touching story,
Let me hear it o’er and o’er. [Refrain]