Tell Me Not Of The Pleasures Of Sin

Tell me not of the pleasures of sin,
For I now from its bondage am free,
And the joys of the One crucified
Have ecclipsed all its follies to me.
Shall I shrink from the thorns in the way,
When He lendeth me favor and breath,
When the thorns He hath borne on His brow,
When He tasted the sorrows of death?

Though I walk ‘mid the sorrows of life,
And the billows of sin sweep the sky,
I will trust in my Savior and Friend,
To His wide open arms I will fly.
Oh, I fear not the breakers of sin,
For my anchor is fastened above,
And the One who has gone on before
Has enraptured my soul with His love.

Though my path be in sadness and grief,
And the shadows grow dark on the lea,
And the last earthly friend prove untrue,
I will trust in the blood shed for me.
When around me the sea billows foam,
Let me hide till the storm passes by,
From the tempter’s allurement and charm,
In the Rock that is higher than I.

Select Hymns, (Timeless Truths)