Tell Me Pilgrim Traveling Homeward

Tell me, pilgrim, trav’ling homeward,
Are you holy, free from sin?
Are you flashing light around you?
Are you witnessing for Him?

Yes! Yes! Yes!
It fills my heart with glory
To tell the hungry, thirsting soul
Of the redemption story.

Have you made a consecration
Of yourself and earthly store?
Have you died to all but Jesus
And His will forevermore? [Refrain]

Do you love to read the Bible-
Feel the Spirit’s holy fire?
Do you measure to its standard?
Does each duty you inspire? [Refrain]

Do you gladly tell the story
Of the Savior’s wondrous love?
How He fills the soul with glory
Pure as heaven’s light above? [Refrain]

Are you seeking out the needy?
Leading sinners to the blood?
Thus, O pilgrim, should we ever
Live and work alone for God. [Refrain]

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