Tell Me The Stories Of Jesus Gods Only S

Tell me the stories of Jesus,
God’s only Son,
Coming from mansions in glory,
The Holy One;
Yielding His throne with the Father,
To be earth’s child,
Bearing His burdens with patience,
So sweet! so mild!
Wonderful His enduement,
All others above;
Filled with peace, the Divine One
Was matchless in love.

Stories of Jesus,
Stories of Jesus,
Tell me the stories of Jesus,
My Saviour and King.

Tell me the stories of Jesus,
My Lord and King;
Glad will I be as I listen,
My soul will sing;
Tell me the dear stories often,
I love to hear,
And I would ask Him to tell me,
If He were near;
Tell of scenes by the wayside,
Tales of the blue sea,
Storms He stilled on the bosom
Of loved Galilee. [Refrain]

Tell me the stories of Jesus;
I long to know How He was touch’d by the needy,
And moved by woe;
Lifted despondent and fallen
From sins untold,
Raised from the grave one beloved,
Death could not hold;
How He soothed with compassion
Hearts saddened by fear,
Gave new life by His mercy
To all who would hear. [Refrain]

Tell me the stories of Jesus;
Oh, I would be
Closely attent were He speaking
Now unto me;
Life has no guerdon more precious,
Nor aught so fair,
As Thee, my Saviour and Master,
Whose love I’d share;
Thee I’ll lovingly follow,
Faithfully attend,
Ever live in Thy presence,
Redeemer and Friend. [Refrain]