Tell Me Watchman O What Of The Morning

Tell me, watchman, oh, what of the morning
Do you see as the mist clears away?
We behold in its splendor the dawning
Of a bright and glorious day.

We shall all gather home in the morning,
When the mist from the hills clears away;
And it seems I can see by the dawning,
That we’re nearing the end of the way.

From the mountain of pure inspiration,
See the gleam of eternity rise;
With the holy in sweet convocation
We shall soon unite in praise. [Refrain]

‘Mid the rapturous glories of heaven,
On immortal and beautiful plane,
All the ransomed will joyfully gather,
Nevermore to part again. [Refrain]

Hallelujah! How blessed the meeting,
When we gather with Jesus at home;
In the kingdom of love what a greeting
Of the saints around the throne! [Refrain]

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