Tell Me What To Do To Be Pure

Tell me what to do to be pure
In the sight of the all-seeing eyes;
Tell me, is there no thorough cure,
No escape from the sins I despise?
Tell me, can I never be free
From this terrible bondage within?
Is there no deliverance for me
From the thraldom of indwelling sin?

Whiter than the snow! Whiter than the snow!
Wash me in the blood of the Lamb,
And I shall be whiter than snow.

Will my Saviour only pass by,
Only show me how faulty I’ve been?
Will he not attend to my cry?
Can I not at this moment be clean?
Blessed Lord, almighty to heal,
I know that thy power cannot fail;
Here and now I know, yes, I feel
The prayer of my heart does prevail.

Now I know to me thou wilt show
What before I never could see;
Now I know in me thou wilt dwell
And united to thee I shall be.
Surely now thy smile is on me,
Thy love to my heart is made known.
Now the face of God I shall see,
And his power in my life shall be shown.