Tell O Tell The Wondrous Story

Tell, O tell the wondrous story
Of our blest Redeemer’s birth,
How He left His home in glory
To redeem the lost of earth.

Tell, O! tell the blessed story
Of His gracious love so free,
Glory, in the highest, glory,
Be to Christ eternally.

Tell, O tell the wondrous story
Of salvation full and free;
Jesus came, the Prince of Glory-
Lived and died for you and me. [Refrain]

Choirs of angels told His coming
To the shepherds on the plains,
While they listened mute with wonder-
Listened to the welcome strains. [Refrain]

Let us then repeat the message,
Tell, O tell it far and wide,
Of a ransom for the sinner,
Of a Savior crucified. [Refrain]