Tell Out The Joyful Tidings

Tell out the joyful tidings
That once the Saviour told;
Thro’ village, town and city,
His precious truth unfold;
Tell out the joyful tidings,
And publish far and wide
The blessed, blessed story,
That Christ for sinners died.

Tell out the joyful tidings,
That all His grace may share,
Who, trusting only Jesus,
Will come by faith and prayer;
Lift up the trembling mourner,
So weak and crush’d within,
And say, “The blood of Jesus
Will cleanse from ev’ry sin.”

Tell out the joyful tiding,
That all who now believe,
The gift of life eternal
From Jesus shall receive;
A life beyond the shadows
That dim these fading skies,
Where pleasure blooms immortal
And friendship never dies.