Tell The Joyful News Christ The Lord Is

Tell the joyful news, Christ the Lord is born,
Peace and joy He brings on this Christmas morn;
Let the bells ring out and their music tell,
Jesus comes to reign King Immanuel.

In the highest Peace, good will to men,
Jesus cometh, tell the news again
While the angels sing of the new born King,
Spread the joyful news over all the land.

Tell the joyful news, night has pass’d away,
And the dawning breaks of a brighter day;
For the gospel rays from the cradle shine,
Over all the world shedding light divine. [Refrain]

Tell the joyful news over all the earth,
Let the nations hear of a Savior’s birth,
‘Till each grateful heart shall the strain repeat,
And their tributes bring to the Master’s feet. [Refrain]