Tell The Sweet Old Story

Tell the sweet old story,
Of the Saviour’s love,
How He left the glory
Of His throne above,
How His life so precious
Freely Jesus gave,
That a world rebellious,
He from death might save.

Tell, oh tell the story sweet,
Of the Saviour’s love,
Tell to all you meet,
Of the home above.

Tell the sweet old story,
To the young and old,
Sweetest, sweetest story,
Mortal ever told.
Tell the little children
Of the Saviour mild,
Who His glorious kingdom
Likened to a child. [Refrain]

Tell the sweet old story,
Shout it ’round the world,
Let the King of Glory
See His flag unfurled.
Tell the aged pilgrims
Of the Saviour dear,
Who their faint petition
Lovingly will hear. [Refrain]