Tell The Sweet Story Wherever You Go

Tell the sweet story wherever you go,
Blessed old story of love!
Tell it until all your heart is aglow,
Filled with the power from above.

Blessed old story of love!
Blessed old story of love!
Christ came from Heaven to save you and me,
Blessed old story of love.

Tell it to comfort the weary and sad,
Tell it the wounded to heal;
No other message can make us so glad,
None will such glory reveal. [Refrain]

Look to the cross where He died for our sin,
Look to the Lamb on the throne;
Then tell the story a brother to win,
Jesus your effort will own. [Refrain]

Bright angels sweeping their harp-strings of gold,
In holy rapture above,
Listen, while saints His salvation unfold-
Blessed old story of love! [Refrain]