Tell The Tidings Of Salvation To The Si

Tell the tidings of salvation
To the sinners far and near;
Christ has come on earth to save them,
He their fainting hearts can cheer.

Tell out with joy,
Tell our with joy,
Of His love for man to die,
Till from ev’ry land and nation,
Sinners to His arms will fly.

He will save from ev’ry sorrow,
He will banish ev’ry care,
And when comes the glad tomorrow
We shall all His glories share. [Refrain]

He will bear our ev’ry burden,
He will hear the sinners cry,
In His arms He’ll raise the fallen,
Take them to His home on high. [Refrain]

He will keep us by His power,
E’entho’ dark our pathway be,
He will keep us in the hour
When we cross o’er death’s dark sea. [Refrain]