Tell Us O Women We Would Know

Tell us, O women, we would know
Whither so fast ye move?
We, call’d to leave this world below,
Are seeking one above.

Whence came ye, say, and what the place
That ye are trav’ling from?
From tribulation, we, thro’ grace,
Are now returning home.

Is not your native dwelling here,
Like you not this abode?
We seek a better country far,
A city built by God.

Thither we travel, nor intend
Short of that bliss to rest;
Nor we, ’till in the sinner’s friend,
Our wearied souls are blest.

Friends of the bridegroom we shall reign,
Saviour we ask no more;
Hail Lamb of God for sinners slain
Whom Heav’n and earth adore.