Tempted Just As We Are Was Our Blessed L

Tempted just as we are was our blessed Lord,
Every pain we suffer finds an answering chord,
By His life of struggle He can understand,
We can never falter, holding fast His hand.

Tempted, tempted, Christ our Lording Friend,
Struggling, toiling, to the bitter end,
Tempted just as we are, well He knows our frame,
Gives us strength to conquer in His name.

Unto blood resisting; to the bitter end,
Stronger than the strongest is our dearest Friend,
IN His strength our shelter, in His love our shield,
Though a host assail us we will never yield. [Refrain]

Tempted just as we are, He has learned life’s ways,
Hope He gives and courage, for the trying days.
Every note for longing, every human cry,
Jesus hears and answers, from His home on high. [Refrain]