Tenderly Graciously Jesus Inviteth Thee

Tenderly, graciously Jesus inviteth thee,
“Come unto me and find rest.”
Pleads He so lovingly, waits He so patiently,
Offers thee all that is best.

Jesus is calling thee-
List to His voice,
Jesus is calling thee-
Make Him your choice,
Jesus is calling thee-
Bids thee rejoice,
Jesus is calling thee now.

Paid He the price for thy soul on Mount Calvary,
Pierced His hands and His side;
Willingly, freely He suffered such agony,
Bid Him come in to abide. [Refrain]

Turn not away while the Spirit is calling thee,
Open to Him thy heart’s door;
Bid Him to enter and cleanse thy heart thoroughly,
Free thee from guilt evermore. [Refrain]

List to His voice, He has called thee repeatedly,
Break from the chains that enthrall;
Grieve not the Spirit lest He should depart from thee,
Never again on thee call. [Refrain]