Tenderly Lay Her To Rest

Tenderly lay her to rest ‘neath the sod;
Angels, look lovingly down!
But the fair spirit hath flown to her God-
Gone to receive a bright crown;
In the fair fields of the blessed to roam,
Singing with angels so fair;
Dwelling with Christ in his beautiful home,
All its bright splendor to share.

Why should we linger to weep round the tomb?
Sorrow shall vex her no more;
Never a shadow of trouble or gloom
Reaches yon heavenly shore.
There with the glorified spirits to reign
Thro’ the bright ages above;
Free from all sorrow and sickness and pain,
Resting in heavenly love.

Safe in the arms of her Savior she lies-
Wonderful peace to her giv’n!
In that blest mansion the soul never dies;
Still we may love her in heav’n.
Feelingly near us her spirit shall be,
Tenderly whispering, “Come!”
Then at the portals our dear one we’ll see,
Lovingly guiding us home.