Thank God My Jesus Cleanseth Me

THANK God my Jesus cleanseth me
From all sins I committed,
He paid my debt and set me free,
I, therefore, am acquitted
Of sin’s and Satan’s bondage fell;
My faith now laughs at death and hell,
Because my life is Jesus.

Why should I grieve? He who fulfilled
The Law, thus to release us,
He who His Father’s wrath has stilled
By His own death, this Jesus
Still liveth, and all that He hath
He giveth unto me through faith;
Is there a greater treasure?

Because my Jesus cleanseth me
From sin by His own merit,
I am from pain and fear set free,
Death cannot daunt my spirit;
I trust in Jesus’ righteousness,
His innocence and blessedness
Are now my life and treasure.

Now I, like Simeon, can end
My life in peace and gladness,
And to my God I can commend
My spirit without sadness;
For when my weary eyes I close,
My death becomes a sweet repose,
I see the joys of heaven.

How happy, therefore, shall I be,
When life’s frail thread is broken;
When holy angels carry me
To joys that ne’er were spoken;
When I behold Him face to face,
When I have gained that blessed place,
Prepared for me by Jesus.

Lord, grant that e’er prepared I be,
That naught from Thee me sever.
And when I die, let me with Thee
In glory live forever;
Come quickly to deliver me,
Lord, by Thy death and agony,
Yea, come, Lord Jesus! Amen.