Thank You Lord For All Your Goodness

Thank you, Lord, for all your goodness
Through the years of yesterday;
Thank you, too, for present mercies
And your blessing on my way.
Thank you for each revelation,
And for what you choose to hide;
Thank you, Lord, for grace sustaining
As I in your love abide.

Thank you, Lord, for sunlit pathways,
Thank you, too, for byways rough;
Thank you for the fruitful summers
Also for the winters tough.
Thank you, Lord, for fragrant flowers
Growing right amid the weeds;
Thank you for the peace you give me
Even when my spirit bleeds.

Thank you, Lord, for wayside roses,
Even for the thorns beside;
Thank you for the prayers you granted
And for those that you denied;
Thank you, Lord, for precious comfort
In my hours of grief and pain;
Thank you for your precious promise
Life eternal I shall gain.