Thanks To God Who Us Hath Given

Thanks to God who us hath given
Grace abundant through the years;
Thanks to Him whose peace from heaven
Led our hearts through doubts and fears.

Hear us, Lord, as we are praying
For the souls that strayed and fell;
Call them home who still are straying,
Wake them through the calling bell.

Send Thy willing servants thither
On the highways, streets, and lanes
That the fallen may come hither,
Saved from everlasting banes.

That the fallen ones who wander
And have lost God’s word of love
May catch sight of heaven yonder
And the Christmas Star above.

When our ship in storm immerses
And is threatened by its might,
Come, O Jesus, on the surges,
Be it even late at night.

Through the breakers safely guide us,
That we land upon the shore;
Thou dost help when woes betide us,
Thou wilt help us evermore.