Thanks To Thy Name O Lord That We

Thanks to thy name, O Lord that we
One glorious Sabbath more behold;
Dear Shepherd, let us meet with thee,
Among thy sheep, in this thy fold.

Now, Lord, among thy tribes appear,
And let thy presence fill the throng;
Thy awful voice let sinners hear,
And bid the feeble heart be strong.

Gather the lambs into thine arms,
And satisfy their every want,
And those with young defend from harms,
And gently lead them lest they faint.

Put forth thy shepherd’s crook, and stay
Thy wandering sheep, and bring them back;
O bring the wandering home today,
And save them for thy mercy’s sake.

Dear tender-hearted Shepherd look,
And let our wants thy bowels move;
And kindly lead thy little flock
To the sweet pastures of thy love.

A New Selection of Hymns,