That Blessed Deed Of Mercy

That blessed deed of mercy, done by the way,
Shows a Christian precept that all should obey,
And the loving Savior speaketh today:
“Go thou and do the same!”

Mercy and love, mercy and love,
Show to the weak and weary today!
Joy ev’rywhere, joy ev’rywhere,
All in the Savior’s name.

The world is full of dear ones asking for care,
Make them glad with kindness and guide them with pray’r!
Ev’ry one’s thy neighbor, no matter where,
Give him thy perfect love. [Chorus]

Then do whate’er the Savior sends thee to do,
Unto all around thee, be loving and true;
Comfort all who sorrow, pray for them, too,
And surely thou shalt live! [Chorus]