That Blessed Gospel We Are Taught

That blessed Gospel we are taught,
Can prove the Saviour’s pow’r;
The miracles that Jesus wrought,
Were never wrought before.

A ruler’s daughter as we read,
A lifeless corpse had lay’n;
But Jesus who can raise the dead,
Rais’d her to life again.

Princes and rulers of this earth,
Who raise their honours high;
Like others of the meanest birth,
They all are born to die.

These things are scarcely ever thought,
Or ever cause a tear;
Until the greatest part are brought,
To lie upon the bier.

When troubles, sorrows and distress
Beset the greatest men;
Then they will seek the Saviour’s face
To be reliev’d again.

Distress will make us seek the Lord,
If ne’er we did before;
And search the counsels of his word,
His love, his grace and pow’r.

But O, his love to man is great,
His gifts are ne’er withheld;
He helps each one in ev’ry state,
Who to his precepts yield.